3D Space Gladiators

3D Space Gladiators 1.0

3D Space Gladiators - Cool 3D Screensaver and a Space ShooterAre...

3D Space Gladiators - Cool 3D Screensaver and a Space ShooterAre you tired of all these lame girlish screensavers with flowers, kitties and other cute junk?

How about something dynamic and active? Like gladiators. 3D gladiators! 3D Space Gladiators! ! ! Get ready for an adrenaline rush - 3D space gladiators fighting with each other to survive.

It`s not a sell-out TV show; awesome 3D space crafts engaged in face-to-face combat, flying through asteroid fields, hunting for their enemies to avenge their killed buddies.

3D Space Gladiators is a macho space shooter screensaver that delivers. You can watch the fight, change settings (death match, team death match, etc.

), even make bets with your office mates. You can rout for and track performance of you favorite gladiator. Cool thing, I tell you! Another www.

deaddybear. com creation. You must be thinking, Too bad I can`t be a space gladiator myself. Well, actually you can. It`s one of the hidden perks - 3D space shooter comes with the screensaver as a minigame.

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